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Gamers can be amazing when they try. Not everyone in MMOs is just another edgelord. “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Also check out Massively Uplifting for more feel-good stories from our genre!

DragonCon 2016: Richard Garriott officiates at a real-life convention wedding

What happens at DragonCon doesn't always stay at DragonCon -- at least not for a couple of Shroud of the Avatar players. Their weekend...
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Destiny charity stream raises over $500,000

Kudos to Destiny fans: They may be passionate about their game, but they are also big on helping others. A week-long charity stream organized...

Guild Wars 2 now allows guilds to memorialize their fallen members

Buried at the bottom of the recent Guild Wars 2 patch notes and presented entirely without hoopla was a note about new monuments now...

Lord of the Rings Online players wear yellow to honor a fallen friend

This past weekend you might have seen a particular hashtag pop up on Twitter, #YellowforTinki, and wondered what it meant. Apparently it was in...

Blizzard donates art to Seoul children’s hospital

Blizzard's charity work is legendary at this point, and here's one more beneficiary: a children's hospital in Seoul, South Korea. The company apparently teamed...
That's not to say it's free of issues, of course.

Star Trek Online will memorialize Anton Yelchin in-game

For those of you who missed the news, actor Anton Yelchin (best known to fans of Star Trek as Chekov in the reboot films)...

Jukebox Heroes: MMO tracks to make your heart happy

Music doesn't just speak to emotion; it often evokes it, conjuring it out of thin air with notes and tones and those squiggly lines...

Diablo III honors fallen developer with special cow level

Bumped into the extra special bonus cow level in Diablo III? It's there for a good reason and a limited time as a tribute...
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Final Fantasy XIV adds David Bowie Easter egg to latest patch

If you have the vaguest interest in music whatsoever, you were probably a bit heartbroken when David Bowie passed away in January. The man...

Final Fantasy XIV players hold a vigil for Sian Blake in Limsa Lominsa

Players are holding a vigil following the death of Final Fantasy XIV voice actress Sian Blake (the voice of Yugiri). The vigil is being...

The Secret World players rally for the Malala Fund

In the setting of The Secret World, learning is not really a great thing. There are multiple organizations devoted to making sure that people...
Cats are cats.

Adopt Brightpaw in World of Warcraft and support the Make-A-Wish foundation

How is your cat collection in World of Warcraft? Could it use another cat knocking things off of tables and squawking endlessly with a...

Warframe breaks out virtual mustaches for men’s health

Digital Extremes is once again participating in Movember, a month-long "celebration of the mustache" that aims to raise awareness of men's health issues including...

Elite: Dangerous names planet after soldier’s late mother

One of Elite: Dangerous' community is grieving this summer after losing his mother in June. Citing his love for the game and his missed...

EVE’s PLEX for Good raises over $103,000 for Nepal victims

CCP has published a blog post detailing the results of its latest PLEX for Good fundraising drive that provided assistance for victims of the...
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online honoring Grace Lee Whitney

"We raise our memorial flags at the loss of Grace Lee Whitney," STO's Twitter feed read earlier this afternoon. "Star Trek Online will be honoring...
You would think that we'd be tired of hearing stories like this, but mostly we just wish that people weren't dying.

Guild Wars 2 memorializes a fallen mother

Last September, a Guild Wars 2 player shared a story about his departed wife. She died from complications during the birth of the couple's...

Elite: Dangerous names space station after Terry Pratchett

Fantasy comedy writer Terry Pratchett, who passed away last week at the age of 66, will be honored with a place among the stars...
No word on Lord of the Rings Online erecting a monument for the bravest hobbit of them all.

Star Trek Online installs memorials for Leonard Nimoy and all those lost

The death of Leonard Nimoy affects everyone who has ever been engaged in the Star Trek franchise, whether you were a lifelong fan of...

Couple gets married in Shroud of the Avatar’s first wedding

Shroud of the Avatar isn't even in proper alpha testing yet, but the fantasy title has already been host to its first in-game wedding. Players...