Sea of Thieves adds new outfits and a special gun for a month of play

After a month at sea, one can imagine your character in Sea of Thieves is more than ready to stop in to port. But you’ll soon be setting sail from that port once again, no matter where it is. Just make sure that you first pick up the Eye of Reach from merchants for just one gold piece, a special commemorative item for a month since launch. Heck, while you’re there you ought to take part in lots of stock; the newest patch adds a variety of new styles for ships, weaponry, and characters, offering a wider range of options for everyone.

The patch also adds in regional variation for merchants, so players will need to head to head to the Ancient Isles to pick up the Sovereign sets, while more common attire like the Bilge Rat options may be freely purchased anywhere. There’s also performance tweaks and bug fixes to enjoy, so while you’re dressed up all fancy-like you can expect a steadier gameplay experience. All good things, yes? Enough to make you forget that you’re still trapped in a leaky wooden boat after a month.

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Sea of Thieves runs another stress test, talks pirate customization (or lack thereof)

Just in case you read that headline and made a mad dash to this first paragraph with the hope of seeing that Rare has changed its mind on making players pick Sea of Thieves characters from a random generator, sorry, it is not to be. According to the team, this generator has been in the works for four years now and the devs are pretty proud of it.

It is certainly strange to hear the studio claim that it wants players to “be the pirate they want to be” while taking direct character customization out of their hands, but it sounds like a moot point at this juncture. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to customize your character at all; you will be able to collect and wear different cosmetics as you progress in the game.

Meanwhile, a third stress test is taking place this weekend as Rare attempts to get Sea of Thieves shipshape for the launch later this month.

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Wisdom of Nym: What cosmetic features could other jobs get in Final Fantasy XIV?

About a month back, I got a comment in this column with an absolutely spectacular question. We’ve got two cosmetic systems that basically only concern two jobs in the game, Bards and Summoners. What could other jobs get for similar systems, stuff that’s going to be fun to play with but wouldn’t actually affect any sort of gameplay?

This question almost immediately struck me as marvelous, because one of the things I love about Final Fantasy XIV is its attention to detail with stuff like this. A music system can be added to the game that only works for Bards, because that’s a thing Bards do and you can just be a Bard if you want to. So why shouldn’t other jobs get similar toys?

It was also the first time that I’d really thought about egi glamours as being in the same category, and that category has somewhat suffered from a lack of updates lately. So let’s talk about these sorts of enhancements, more character options for out-of-combat customization.

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Let’s play dress-up: Elder Scrolls Online explores its upcoming outfit customization system

Virtual fashionistas of the world have a lot to anticipate with Elder Scrolls Online’s February update, as it contains the MMO’s brand-new outfit system. Through this, player characters can whip up a customized ensemble for adventuring, roleplay, or that future modeling career.

The fun starts with the new outfit stations, which are upgraded versions of the old dye stations. Here, players can customize any visible piece of armor and gear, including his or her secondary weapon set. Options can be chosen from any outfit styles that the player has unlocked up to that point. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can mix-and-match different armor types and even swap weapon appearances.

Players get one outfit slot to begin with and can purchase more from the store. There is a gold cost to both equipping and dyeing gear, which the studio said can “range between hundreds or thousands of gold.” All outfit styles are shared across a player’s account, meaning that anything that is unlocked on one character is unlocked for all.


Frontier Expo 2017: Planet Coaster adds scenarios, picnic tables, and lets vendors loose

Visitors can sit while vendors run wild! That’s the news that Planet Coaster devs shared on stage at the inaugural Frontier Expo 2017. The free upcoming first anniversary update will introduce new management features, rides, and customization options to the roller coaster building sim. First up: picnic tables. Now park visitors can sit to enjoy their meals, making them happier. Conversely, vendors will become free-range, leaving their shops and moving around around the park. This becomes important because vendors will have energy levels, and in order to recharge after a long shift they will need to go to the newly introduced staff management building (which players can customize to provide different perks).

In addition to those features, more customization will be available, from interchangeable coasters and tracks to four new rides — including a community-requested water coaster. Later, in the 1.4 update, folks will be able to create scenarios and share them on the Steam workshop to play with others. Get a peek at these features in the videos and screenshots below!

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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s ability customization

The Job system is a staple of Final Fantasy as a series, which is a little odd when you consider that it’s only showed up by that name in three main series games. Go ahead and double-check; outside of Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy XI, none of the games use the Job system. And careful observation will note that Final Fantasy XIV is not, in fact, on that list; it uses the Armoury system, by its own description.

This is relevant because the Armoury system, as we’ve seen so far, doesn’t emphasize the mix-and-match nature of Jobs (which we also see in other games with similar systems, from the aforementioned main series titles to the various Final Fantasy Tactics installments and more peripheral derivatives like Bravely Default). It emphasizes roles.

And I think it’s interesting to consider this fact in light of the fact that Stormblood, in many ways, has kind of put nails in the coffin of cross-job pollination. And all of that kind of centers around understanding the shift in PvP.

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Dauntless wants you to express yourself through fashion and flares

Even hulking, skilled, or savvy beast hunters have a weak spot, and that weak spot is the inner need to preen and show off for the rest of the crowd. To show that they are the special peacocks with the brightest and shiniest of tail feathers. To fly into the imaginations of… OK, this metaphor got away from me.

Anyway, this is just to say that the fantasy co-op game Dauntless will feature a robust cosmetic system complete with transmog options: “Slayers with an eye for fashionable accessories will also discover rare cosmetic equipment. While these items don’t have the combat prowess of behemoth-forged armour, they do make a great impression.”

Customization in Dauntless doesn’t just end at armor, however. Players will also have the opportunity to select different kinds of banners and flares to make their mark on the world as they journey through it. Some of these will be available through in-game activities, with others sold through the cash shop.

Source: Dauntless


The Daily Grind: What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack?

You know what games need? Piercings. More piercings in general. Why can I not have any piercings beyond my ears in Final Fantasy XIV? Why is it that I only have a handful of piercing options in World of Warcraft? I’m not saying every character needs them, but they’re a great way to add visual flair to a character.

But why stop there? I appreciate that The Elder Scrolls Online lets me have some body tattoos, but I’d love more fine control over them. I still can’t choose height or body type in WoW. And that’s not even counting ancient games like Final Fantasy XI where I’m probably forever doomed to have a tiny amount of actual character customization.

Obviously, it’s not a mechanical detriment to any of these games, and I have no doubt that keeping track of all this extra data for characters would have a deleterious effect on other aspects of performance. Still, I want my piercings. I want my tattoos. I want more hairstyles and more control over my outfits. What about you, dear readers? What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack? Even if it wouldn’t be technically possible, what do you really wish you could have just the same?

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Crowfall shows off the many faces (and colors) of character customization

It’s easy to look at all of Crowfall’s screenshots up to now and be vaguely reminded of throwing action figures against one another. That’s not an aspersion on the art or animation teams; it’s just that the game hasn’t been showing off any character customization yet, focusing instead on looking at the individual archetypes in depth. But that’s all changing now, as players are invited to take a look at the many faces (and skin colors, and hair styles, and face paint) of the male Knight by way of introduction.

In addition to customizing the character, players will be able to customize the colors of their sets of armor with dyes, allowing guilds to have unified colors or individuals to just produce sublime organizations of shades. (Or possibly violate all laws of good taste.) So don’t worry about fading into the crowd when the game goes live; you’ll stand out after all. Which may not be such a good thing when your nemesis can track you down and go after you specifically, but you take the good with the bad.


Escape from Tarkov shows off its extensive weapon customization

What’s your goal in Escape from Tarkov? At a glance, the title might suggest that your goal is to, well, escape, probably from somewhere or someone named Tarkov. But no, your real goal is to assemble a really cool gun, according to the latest video showing off the weapon customization process. Of course, that’s “really cool gun” using realistic technology; you won’t be shooting sharks that shoot smaller sharks made of laser beams.

If that all sounds super awesome to you, hop on down below and check out the full customization video. It is… robust. And it delivers what it promises, that weapon has been customized as heck. If you’re now just sad about the fact that you can’t have the shark thing, we can’t help you.

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Worlds Adrift trailer showcases shipbuilding

Worlds Adrift won’t expect players to fly around in some standard ship that everyone else has. No, players will get to build and customize their own ships, and Bossa Studios released a trailer today showcasing the shipbuilding process. The shipyard mechanics include creating your own ship frame, and then adding personal flair with different parts and weapons.

Once the ships are built, players can then fly them into battle over the player-created islands in the clouds. In an interesting note, devs said that if your ship blows up over one of these sky islands, the remnants will remain on that island indefinitely and be can found — and salvaged — by other players. Check out the shipbuilding in the trailer below. And to learn more about the game and see some community creations, you can watch a livestream tour with the devs that aired earlier today.

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This is how you’ll customize your Crowfall character

Future Crowfall warriors might be looking at all of the archetypes (classes) and wondering how theirs will play any different than the rest. ArtCraft’s answer to this comes in the form of combat disciplines: traits that you mix-and-match to create a specific build.

The studio released a new developer stream that discussed how disciplines will be used in the game and a few examples of each. Eagle-eyed players can probably look past the talking developers to check out some of the details on a background spreadsheet.

Another way that ArtCraft will provide diversity is by providing gender variants, different animations, and other distinctive looks for many of the archetypes. “Crowfall has a range of character archetypes and establishing and maintaining the tone and personality of each archetype while providing options for player distinction is not an easy thing to do,” the studio admitted.

Settle in for a long discussion about combat discipline with the devs after the jump!

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EverQuesting: Landmark is offering new races – for a price

I knew that new races would eventually come to Landmark! From the beginning it didn’t make any sense to me that Daybreak would ignore something the community really wanted, especially when it obviously had the models already made. The studio showed them off quite publicly. Later, with the (total suckage) cancellation of EverQuest Next, I couldn’t fathom letting those assets go to complete waste. Surely they would come, perhaps at launch.

Alas, races did not accompany launch. However, with the addition of the Crimson Parlor, an in-game customization station, and the various NPC races, I knew it was only time. I was sure that Landmark would indeed add other playable races. And I was right! It’s a glorious day, right?

Uh, well… What I had hoped wouldn’t happen in all this, unfortunately did: Access to these new racial looks is gated behind the cash shop. So you can have some new races, but only for a price. For now. And I am hanging my hope on that last little tidbit because Daybreak really needs to do something to engender goodwill – and soon.
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