Guild Wars 2 teases shield Mesmer, distributes beta keys as in-game loot


Shield-using Mesmers may be one of the new specializations coming with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns if a new piece of concept art is any indication. ArenaNet posted a picture of a light-armor class with a spiked shield on Facebook, which many players believe to be a Mesmer.

The studio has also decided to take a new route with distributing beta keys for the expansion. Starting on April 28th, special rare portals will drop from enemies in Dry Top and Silverwastes that will flag the looter’s account for beta access.

Not every player is thrilled that ArenaNet is taking this route. Blogger Verene says that eager players will be facing the game’s incredibly stingy loot tables: “The biggest problem is that it’s going to be entirely down to luck. There is no way you can work towards getting one of these beta-granting portals than simply farming in those two zones and hoping you get lucky.”

[Source: Facebook, Guild Wars 2, Under the Pale Tree]
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