Landmark’s new island shapes revealed


If you are eager to scope out Landmark’s new landscapes in order to find the perfect spot to construct your next home, you can get a headstart on your plans even while the servers are still down. Producer Emily “Domino” Taylor posted images of the newest islands that show off both the shapes of the new islands and the biomes available on each one. The topography is indeed varied, and there are plenty of inland waterways for folks to snatch up beachfront property. Check them out in the gallery below.

Of course, the alteration of the islands is only one part of the this giant update. Along with the crafting, achievement, and harvesting system changes, players will finally get to play as a new model, the large human. You can check out all the details and see screenshots of the new props and characters in the official wipe patch notes.

Island names Biomes
Arid Thicket Jungle & Desert
Snowcapped Wilds Jungle & Tundra
Whistling Tangle Jungle & Old Growth
Forgotten Hills Jungle & Deciduous
Roaring Scars Jungle & Volcanic
Windy Barrens Desert & Tundra
Ancient Crag Desert & Old Growth
Hidden Bluffs Desert & Deciduous
Lost Caldera Desert & Volcanic
Lonely Glacier Tundra & Old Growth
Silver Shallows Tundra & Deciduous
Burning Frostlands Tundra & Volcanic
Singed Timbers Deciduous & Volcanic
Emerald Vale Deciduous & Old Growth
Sleeping Ridge Old Growth & Volcanic
Twisted Shoreline Jungle & Desert
Endless River Jungle & Tundra
Winding Creek Jungle & Deciduous
Shattered Cliffs Jungle & Volcanic
Frigid Steppes Desert & Tundra
Timeworn Dunes Desert & Old Growth
Singing Mesa Desert & Deciduous
Golden Sands Desert & Volcanic
Grand Fjord Tundra & Old Growth
[Source: New landmasses]
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