How Skyforge’s invasion system works

Do you want Borg? Because that's how you get Borg.

The world of Skyforge does not sound like a fun place to live. In addition to everything else that people have to deal with (monsters from the deep, cult leaders, occasionally overspiced Mexican food) you’ll also need to deal with full-on invasions of the planet by Mechanoid forces. The latest developer diary outlines how these invasions work, how players can repulse them, and of course what rewards are offered to players who successfully fend off the invasions.

Rather than being quick affairs, invasions are stretched out over a span of months, starting with the earliest pathfinding forces and ending with the arrival of the Mechanoid’s incarnate deity hoping to lay waste to Aelion. Adventures and special raids open up during the invasion, with only the most experienced immortals able to stand against the masterminds of the enemy forces. Still, everyone needs to pitch in, and taking part in the counter-invasion will go a long way toward advancing on the road to full godhood. Read the article and check out the video below for more details.

[Source: Developer Diary IV: Invasions; thanks to Gabriel and Khalith for the tip!]
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