Champions Online kicks off anniversary event, explains how to play a supervillain


Yesterday, we noted that Champions Online seemed to have missed out on its anniversary event, which is a bit sad for players of the rather quiet title. Turns out that an anniversary event is here after all, just a bit belated, which is a much better option. Yes, it’s a little bit late, but it’s a birthday party with armor bits to earn, action figures to pick up, and double experience periods along the way.

What could be even more mollifying? Well, actual content, like the upcoming Onslaught content update for the game. The developers have kicked off the preview of that with an explanation of how to play the supervillain Gravitar. Essentially, she applies a stacking debuff to her targets, then uses that debuff to unleash powerful attacks once said targets are immobilized – with the ability to quickly fly away if she gets overwhelmed. It’s a solid look at the sort of gameplay players can expect when the update goes live later this month.

Source: Anniversary event, Gravitar overview; thanks to The Grand Nagus and Feydakin for the tips!
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