Albion Online previews a learning point rework

Albion Online previews a learning point rework

The original purpose of Albion Online‘s learning point system was to create a balance mechanism for players with varying amounts of time to spend in the game. All well and good, but it caused another problem insofar as players could level up to a new tier and then wind up stuck there for an extended period of time. So the new version of the system makes learning points a bonus to acquire skills faster rather than the core mechanism for skills.

Learning points now acts as a quick way to level up to the next tier of fame, while fame requirements have been increased by a large amount. The net result is that hardcore players can still grind away after spending learning points, but it’ll be much slower going, and the gap between players who can grind and those who cannot remains small. It’s an interesting revision to the system, and players will have a chance to take it for a spin during the game’s closed beta.

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So a few things.
They clearly said originally that Learning Points were meant to be used as an artificial roadblock.  Or in their terms, they kept spouting the word “specialization” because by roadblocking you with limited points it forced each person to specialize into a specific area.  So this whole “not meant to roadblock” you nonsense is a load of bullshit after the entire community universally hated the idea of being screwed into not being able to progress in a game that already forces you to grind for massive amount of hours fame and on top of that also wait for points.
For two they also massively increased that fame grind for each area.  So this means that you have to spend just as much time grinding before and then spend learning points to advance.  Except when you run out, whoopsie, you either now gotta grind even more or wait forever and not play the game again.  So in total they haven’t reduced the amount of grind in the game, they just shuffled it around, tweaked numbers and are pretending like it’s a whole new system.

Game reminds me a lot of UO, and not in the good way, but in the way where every single major patch there were colossal changes to the game which was incredibly unhealthy for itself.  Small iterations and testing wins the race, and these guys really only know how to do whack-a-mole design.  Will take a long time before it’s sorted out and in a decent spot and by then it’ll be another full loot sandbox with a niche audience.