Landmark’s holiday patch introduces the Winter Holiday Party Zone


Landmark’s been eerily quiet since Halloween, but good news, everyone: The game’s just gotten a new holiday-themed update.

Senior Producer Terry Michaels told forumgoers that this morning’s patch will add new props to the voxelbox, including ornaments, wreaths, garlands, trees, snowmen, gramophones, and chests. The team has also fixed come client bugs, opened up a “Winter Holiday Party Zone,” and handed out holiday presents:

“Everyone will have a Holiday Outfit Giftbox in their inventory that, when opened, will give you one of the three holiday sweater outfits. The in-game mail slaugs have painstakingly worked to ensure you get a different outfit from last year if you received one. If you’ve already gotten all 3 from generous friends, you will receive a duplicate of whichever one the slaug working on your gift thought matched your personality best.”

You can read the complete patch notes on the official forums.

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