Trooper companion headlines SWTOR’s Chapter 11: Disavowed, due March 10th

BioWare has announced that since the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, players have logged over 900 million minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic. More than 27 million light- and dark-side choices have shaped players’ experiences since the latest expansion release. Now, the creators of the MMORPG in a galaxy far, far away would like to reintroduce you to Aric Jorgan, who’s coming back to us on March 10th in Chapter 11: Disavowed.

Jorgan guided the Trooper class storyline from beginning to end. He was the Trooper’s first companion, and Jorgan stuck with the Trooper until he was frozen in carbonite for five years. This Cathar represented everything that was honest and true about the Republic military, and we get to meet him again as he and the new members of Havoc Squad lead you, the Outlander, on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

We’ve got images and the teaser video showing off some of the upcoming content below.

If you’d like to get a head start on chapter 11, then sub up by March 1st, and you will earn two days of early access (assuming there are no server issues). For the March loyalty reward, you’ll also receive an HK-55-inspired helmet to go with the HK-55-inspired jetpack you might have earned as last month’s loyalty reward.

Also, be sure to read our impressions of chapter 10: Anarchy in Paradise, which launched this month.

Source: BioWare press release


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