EVE Online delays its March update

Gotta go... well, mostly just away.

Today was going to be the day that EVE Online dropped another monthly patch to its live server. It’s not happening, though, and you should probably be happy it isn’t: The developers identified an issue wherein a character could get stuck following ship destruction. You might say that you could just avoid being destroyed until the issue is fixed, but it’s not really always up to you in EVE, is it?

The development team is working on a fix and doesn’t expect correcting the problem to take long; there is no updated ETA at this point, but it’s seen as a matter of time. Bad news if you were eagerly looking forward to the patch contents, but good news on a whole insofar as the patch won’t land and get you stuck in space. It also means that there was only be short maintenance downtime today rather than the time needed to apply a full patch.

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I’m assuming this is not the Citadel patch?
I am actually not really interested in Citadel content (even though i love reading about it), but rather the long term roadmap they talked about lat last year about revamping missioning and adding a lot more PVE content. That’s gonna be my expansion.