Das Tal offers an update on the state of its March alpha test

Can't stop won't stop.

It’s a known fact that accomplishments during an alpha test don’t carry over to the launch game. That’s just a given. But that hasn’t stopped participants in Das Tal‘s March testing from enjoying a sprawling conflict across the game’s existing map. The latest post on the official site recaps what’s been happening during the game’s second week of alpha testing, with the player clan Random Acts of Violence making a massive impact on the state of the game.

The clan has conquered most of the regions available for conquest, with only one other organization holding significant territory. They’ve also contributed heavily to defense of the valley, placing the clan high in the running on the leaderboards. There’s still a little time left before the test ends in early April, but even the existing data should provide valuable information about how the game is working for the developers. Even if Random Acts of Violence won’t get to keep all of that territory post-test.

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