Final Fantasy XIV kicks off the first season of the Feast today

All balance is relative! But this is definitely unbalanced.
Are you a bad enough dude to be considered the best Dark Knight in Final Fantasy XIV? If so, you probably are any given Dark Knight player. You also might want to prove your mastery in the Feast, and you’ve got the freedom to do just that now; the first season of the game’s ranked PvP format is available today with the launch of patch 3.26. A few more PvP adjustments come along with the season launch, and players can enjoy the ability to climb the leaderboards and improve their rankings over the course of the season.

This patch also makes some minor adjustments to Dark Knights, Arcanists (and derived jobs), and Astrologians outside of PvP. Accuracy caps in the current Expert dungeons have also been lowered, while Alexander Midas has been made just a little bit easier for players to clear. It’s a minor patch, but for anyone waiting to step into the arena, it’s a pretty significant one.

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