‘Boundless MMO’ Dual Universe announces itself to the world


Back in February of this year, Massively OP got wind of an upcoming science-fiction MMO in development called Dual Universe. This looked like an interesting sandbox that promised a single-server realm and the ability to edit and manipulate most anything in the world.

Back then, developer Novaquark wasn’t quite ready to fully put the game out there (although the studio wasn’t hiding it, either). Now the time has come, as Novaquark is trumpeting this “boundless” massively multiplayer game as ready for public eyes.

“For the first time in a single-­shard MMO, the world is entirely modifiable and an unlimited number of players will be free to build together, cooperate or compete,” Novaquark sent in a press release. “The focus has been made on giving the keys back to the MMORPG fans: using the building blocks provided by the game, the in-­game community will make the choices and create the content they will play in.”

In addition to the game’s official announcement, Novaquark released several screenshots from the game’s alpha pre-alpha, which we have for you below.

Source: Press release, official site
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