Neverwinter launches head start access on the PlayStation 4

So... you guys wanna party?
You can play Neverwinter on your computer. You can play Neverwinter on your Xbox. But can you play it on your PlayStation 4? As of today, the answer is yes. The game has kicked off its head start access on the console today for players who pick up the Onyx head start pack for $19.99; weapons, armors, and other trinkets are also included in the pack for purchasers.

If you’re not willing to buy into the head start, you’ll be waiting… for a week. The game launches on the platform fully on July 19th. Then the world will have to invent a new standard for what devices you cannot play Neverwinter on; we will look forward to the game’s eventual port to the Commodore 64 and the Nokia N-Gage. The launch trailer for the latest platform can be found below.

Source: Cryptic Studios press release