Gamescom: Elder Scrolls Online on lockboxes, the gold edition, and One Tamriel

I made you this. Use it.

A Redditor who attended The Elder Scrolls Online’s tavern event at this year’s Gamescom snagged over half an hour of shaky-cam footage and a run-down of some of the Q&A questions asked about One Tamriel and beyond. The highlights:

  • September’s gold edition will be buyable with crowns (5500) as well as money ($59.99); it’ll have all the DLC so far except Shadows of the Hist.
  • Lockboxes are coming to ESO. ZeniMax says they will be “purely cosmetic and run around 400 crowns.” Expect consumables, costumes, personalities, pets, and mounts, including some rare and discontinued ones. “There will never be pay to win in the Crown Store,” Redditor Tony writes. “They played BDO too and they hate what they did.”
  • One Tamriel will drop on the live servers as a free update (including the normal and vet modes for the last remaining dungeons). Craglorn will also get a rework.
  • “They know LFG is still broken,” the Redditor wraps up. “They said they are ‘ashamed’ and very sorry that the last attempts to fix it did not work. They are still working on it.”

Check out the second and third videos too!

Source: Reddit. Cheers, Leiloni!
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