The Elder Scrolls Online preps One Tamriel update for October 5

This really worked out all right for us.

At PAX last week, ZeniMax announced that the massive One Tamriel update had landed on the Elder Scrolls Online PTS, so launch date couldn’t have been far behind. In fact, it’s darn soon: just a month away on October 5th for PC players and October 18th for consolers.

One Tamriel was originally announced at E3; its centerpiece is the universal level-scaling system that’ll open up most of the game for characters of all levels. At PAX, the studio elaborated, revealing that it’s working on teleport checkpoints for all dungeons and trials, zone- and dungeon-specific item sets, and holiday festival events, including a lore-friendly Halloween. The patch has also boarded up a number of buildings and rooms across the game world as they’re “renovated” for the future housing system.

Source: Twitter, patch notes. Thanks, Thunder!

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