Hero’s Song updates Indiegogo backers on funding, AI, and Steam


Hero’s Song’s Indiegogo update today reveals how far the game has come, both in terms of its finances and its design.

“We’re hard at work on finishing the game,” writes Pixelmage Games. “As of today, we have interiors to buildings in and we’ve also got town walls, and castles/towers are going in as well. You can see a sneak peek at the interiors in the screenshots below (note the furnishings aren’t in these, but they are going in now). We also have the game working through Steam now and you can expect us to support most of Steam features so it will be easy to find and join your friends.”

The game’s AI is also under construction:

“We’re also working heavily on the AI for the game. The NPCs will now let you know when there are particularly dangerous things nearby and soon they’ll tell rumors about where some legendary items may be hidden if they’re in nearby dungeons.”

Pixelmage Games says it still plans to launch early access in November, with backers hopping in during October’s alpha phase. Its Indiegogo currently stands at almost $68,000 raised of a $200,000 flexible goal with 18 days to go. The Kickstarter was canceled with almost double that, $130,000 of $800,000.

Source: Indiegogo
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