RIFT helps players gear up for Starfall Prophecy

RIFT helps players gear up for Starfall Prophecy
It is nearing time for the RIFT community to bid farewell to Nightmare Tide and welcome in the era of Starfall Prophecy. To aid players in gearing up for the expansion, Trion Worlds has activated several bonuses that will last from now until Starfall Prophecy’s launch.

Most of these bonuses concern Nightmare Tide’s raiding scene. Raid mobs have been nerfed while reward payouts for defeating bosses have been increased. The bonus event also affects the acquisition of fragments of darkness, which should be easier than before.

There is still no release date for Starfall Prophecy other than “fall 2016.” So let’s turn this into a Massively OP contest: Post your guess for the expansion launch date in the comments, and if you’re right, we will give you a shout-out on the podcast when Trion makes the announcement!

Source: RIFT

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