Guild Wars 2 heard you liked Halloween farming, so…


Last night, ArenaNet end boss Mike O’Brien gave the Guild Wars 2 farming meta one step forward and one step back by announcing the team would buff mobs inside the Halloween labyrinth but also nuke the diminishing rewards code, making farming a tiny bit harder but way more lucrative:

“You’ve probably noticed that the champions in the labyrinth haven’t felt as challenging this year as they did in previous years,” he wrote. “The only actual change to them was a bug fix to the lich to keep him from summoning unlimited minions at high event scaling. But they all felt easier because they hadn’t kept up with the power growth of the player base. We gave them all quick buffs today. Additionally, with this map being as profitable as it is, a lot of players have started triggering diminishing rewards. That’s just not cool. So we disabled diminishing rewards on this map.”

Reddit is already busy cracking jokes, reminding event farmers to remember to get up from their chairs this weekend. And if you were already gloomy over the prospect that Halloween events in MMORPGs are all about farming, well. Wanna do labyrinth?

Source: Official site. Thanks, Siphaed!

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