City of Titans puts on costumes for Halloween


Just in time for the most costume-friendly holiday of the year, Missing Worlds Media has a new video and post to show off some of City of Titans’ character creation options. “We’re going for customization that’s one step beyond,” the team promised, going on to demonstrate some of the many outfit, color, and body shape choices that will be available to players.

“You’re seeing the ability to have a metal pair of pants, or stone, or iron, or gold,” the team noted. “We’re giving you the ability to take a normal character in a suit, take him for granite, and play a living statue, if you so choose. That canvas bag mask for a scarecrow type? Turn it to leather for a chainsaw cannibal monster. This is a pretty big thing, we think.”

Check out some of the costume and body options in the 12-and-a-half minute video after the jump!

Source: Official forums. Thanks Darth Fez and MagmaFist!