Albion Online promises better PvE content in response to backer survey

Ride like the wind.

The final beta for Albion Online rolls on, and it’s going to keep on rolling well into next year. But what is the state of the game and what are people enjoying right now? The results of the game’s most recent backer survey are now available for fans to peruse, and to the surprise of likely no one, PvP is by far the most popular activity in the game right now. But equally interesting is the feedback on where the game could stand to improve, starting with PvE and including transport contracts, guild management, gathering gear, and guild vs. guild mechanics.

The developers have promised that more robust and engaging PvE content is at the top of the list to be addressed, as well, starting with changing the current dungeon system and the way enemy camps work. It’s one of the benefits to the game’s extended beta, in other words; there’s plenty of time to evaluate and address parts of the game that could stand to be better.

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