Eternal Crusade promises its first major content update next week

Pay to do something. Maybe win! Who knows.

A content update is coming to Eternal Crusade next week, which means that the developers need to explain how this content update (which most games would just call a patch) is different from the game’s regular weekly patches. The official announcement states that content updates are less full-featured than a full-on expansion but also bigger than a patch meant to address issues and bugs; it adds in things that the developers feel were missing from launch.

So what’s in the game’s first major content update? The first version of Campaigns with faction leaders, an updated version of the world map, and a new 2-3 player mode combined with other PvE improvements. More information will be included when it goes live next week, presumably. If you’re feeling burned by what was in the game or the state of the experience at launch, there’s some reason to have hope that the first content update might help smooth some of that frustration.

Source: Steam

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