Final Fantasy XI plans several events for XI Day

Weird dog.

XI Day is almost upon us. What’s XI Day? Well, it’s November 11th, which has been designated as a special day for Final Fantasy XI because why not? (This is not mirrored in the other online game by Square-Enix chiefly because the 14th month of the year does not exist.) And what better way to enjoy the Friday than by taking part in some special events for one day only?

Players will be able to pick up a special item for logging in on the 11th, take part in a special event, and even jump in on a collaboration event with Final Fantasy Record Keeper that will award players a new roll of Orchestrion music. (The Japanese version of FFRK, at least, is returning the favor by adding in Prishe and Lion along with a special dungeon.) It’s also the start of the 2017 Mog Bonanza and just a day after the November Version Update. If you’ve been hedging around heading back into FFXI but wanted to wait until the perfect day… well, that day looks to be Friday.

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