Eternal Crusade Q&A covers map imbalances and short-term development plans

Temporary crusade, at least.

Overwhelming force is a valid tactical decision, but it’s not fun when you’re playing a severely lopsided match in Eternal Crusade on either side; either you’re outnumbered beyond your ability to cope, or you’re just steamrolling to victory with no challenge. The latest community Q&A stresses that these sorts of imbalances were never meant to happen, and some of them came about due to bugs in matchmaking that are still being addressed. Nor is the team working on just adding more players to maps; the goal is to make maps that feel fun with the right number of players, not just expanding numbers.

Of course, the short-term focus for the game includes a new PvE mode for players to take on cooperatively along with more tuning for the existing game modes. Players can also look forward to more cosmetic options and more skin options for rogue trader skins, although the goal is to ensure that high-tier weapons don’t look like low-tier weapons and vice versa. You can read the whole Q&A yourself to see if your most pressing question was answered, although it’s a bit scattershot.

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