Partly crowdfunded Guardians of Ember is now in early access

[AL:GOE]After a brief headstart earlier this week, Guardians of Ember is live on Steam now in early access with a current on-sale base price of $16.99. Developed by European MMORPG studio Runewaker (which you might remember from Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet), the game is a hack-‘n’-slash MMO expected to remain in early access for up to half a year before launch.

“Heroes all over the world gather today to save Olyndale from dark forces. Ater two technical tests the servers for ‘Guardians of Ember’, the unique combination of Hack’n’Slash and MMORPG, are live. […] The game offers 4 races, 6 classes (one post launch) and 300 skills with the developer’s known ‘Dual Class System.’ The action packed combat is complemented by randomized dungeons, housing system and various PvP options.”

Also worth pointing out is that the game ran a small ($10,000) Indiegogo campaign for German localization but actually secured $77,000 and put the extra money back into the game with a hardcore mode and what Runewaker is calling its “Iron Hero” launch event.

Relatedly, we are aware of player-made allegation that a piece of art used in GoE’s advertising may have been used by an artist without permission; we have reached out to Runewaker and InselGames for its statement on the allegation and will update with more when we have it.

Source: Press release, Steam
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