Path of Exile posts patch notes in advance of Friday’s Legacy Challenge League

Seriously, help me out, I don't know when the moneymaking comes in.
There are just two days to go until Path of Exile launches its Patch 2.6 with the insane Legacy Challenge League. To help the wait go… longer, we suppose, the devs put up the patch notes today so that you can read and plan and not do much else.

In addition to activating the Legacy Challenge, in which players can activate three out of the past 40 challenges at a time, Patch 2.6 contains the new solo self-found mode for an additional hardcore challenge, 25 additional Grandmasters, improved friends and guild lists, and lots and lots of balance changes.

Just to pound home how wildly popular Path of Exile is these days, the Reddit thread on the patch notes is now over a mere 2,500 comments. Guess a few people are pretty excited about the new league?

Patch 2.6 isn’t even the biggest event of the game this year; The Fall of Oriath expansion is being crafted for later this year. Check out our preview of what treasures and traps await when that goes live!

Source: Patch notes
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