World of Warcraft’s command center is up on US servers

Demons are forever in style now.

As players fight through the Broken Shore in World of Warcraft, it’s important to know which of the various support structures are up at any given time. Right now it’s the Command Center, which is probably the least loved of the buildings. Of course, it’s also the building which promises random aid during outdoor fights and a world quest with Legionfall reputation, so perhaps it deserves more affection than it’s getting after all.

A number of hotfixes have also been rolled out to make artifact challenges easier, Cathedral of Eternal Night easier on all difficulties (especially Mythic), and to slightly boost a few underperforming artifact talents. Last but not least, there’s a story now floating around Reddit about a player being gifted the deluxe edition of the expansion by a GM, which is… unusual, to say the least. (And not a buff you can receive from buildings on the Broken Shore. Seriously, we checked.


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possum440 .

Well if the Gm thing about gifting is real you now know the criteria, NEVER BE NEGATIVE ABOUT THEIR GAME.

Too funny.

WOW, servicing fanbois for ten years.