EVE Online scam highlights the value of friendships over ISK

If you’ve ever studied the psychology of con men and abusers, you know that one of the ways they get people to trust them is to offer some sort of trust first to generate an obligation of reciprocity in the victim. That’s exactly what happened in a massive recent EVE Online scam.

PC Gamer chronicles how over the course of a few months, EVE player Samantha Myth wormed his way into the officer tier of Amamake Police, a close-knit corp known for flying elite ships. Using ill-gotten gains from a previous scam, Samantha purchased an elite ship of his own and lent it to Amamake Police member Tikktokk Tokkzikk. Exploiting the trust he’d just generated, he then talked Tikktokk and two other pilots in the to corp to lend him three outrageously expensive ships, including Tikktokk’s well-decorated Chremoas.

And then he took off. The three ships were gone, sold on auction by the scammer, obviously no longer a trusted member of Amamake Police.

The bright spot of the story is that the winner of the scammer’s Chremoas auction offered to trade Tikktokk’s Chremoas back to him in exchange for a generic one.

The sad part is that Samantha spent over a year building what could have been genuine friendships and traded them for what amounted to $300B ISK in a video game.

Tikktokk told the blog that he wasn’t even that upset about losing the Chremoas. “I was just sad about losing a friendship. This guy had been flying with me for 16 months, and he’s probably the guy I’ve flown most with in the past year or so. He’s one of the few people who I actually really enjoyed playing with, we shared the same style. I like to do really silly stuff and I quickly get bored, so I move from activity from activity. He shared that passion, or pretended to – I don’t know anymore.”

Source: PC Gamer

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possum440 .

This game was and has always been trash.

The devs are corrupt drunks. The majority of eve players are the same. What these dregs cant do in real life they do behind the anon of a computer because that is who they are.

They flit around with like minded friends and think themselves “normal”.

To the comment about this is exactly what would happen in real life…..no it isn’t, in real life that person would be killed.

The only plus to this game is the number of utterly stupid stories that come out of it. Those incidents that started out small and blew up through word of mouth or pure hype into the stories these rags supporting eve publish.

They feel the need to support and laud the game, I have the right to trash it as it deserves.

Sean Drohan

Sounds like someone needs a xanax…

While some gameplay may expose true character flaws (as this one seems to be), all games are a chance to try on different personalities – some briefly, some longer.

Perhaps this guy’s desire (and I am not defending the act) was to be what we often see (and celebrate) in film – a long con that results in a heist of a lifetime. While it did have a modicum of real-life consequence (emotional distress), this played out with no one losing real money or getting hurt.

Eve does have some level of uniqueness, most notably that its developers are very hands-off when it comes player interaction, but all MMOs are subject to what is detailed here. To say the game, or its patrons, are ‘trash’ is a bit of hypocrisy IMHO.

Sally Bowls

Friendships are very valuable; IMO, “friendships” in a game, especially EVE, IMO, much less so.

IMO, I would disagree with the characterization in the title “EVE ONLINE SCAM HIGHLIGHTS THE VALUE OF FRIENDSHIPS OVER ISK.” IMO, this shows how worthless EVE friendships are. I think this situation shows that ISK, or most anything, is worth more than the mistaken pretence of friendship in EVE.

Melissa McDonald

I know the game isn’t for me, but I always enjoy reading tales from this crypt.


Eve is one of the few games that allows this type of activity and its great because if this was real this is exactly the type of stuff people would be doing in real life. well they do it in rl now but being 1000 years in the future or whatever isnt going to change our behaviour. Star Trek paints a pretty picture of what we’d all be like in the future with us all coming harmoniously together but its a pile of crap, wed be more babylon 5 than star trek


And that is why B5 is better than star trek : )


How pathetic do you have to be to get a thrill out of stabbing a friend in the back, someone you spent a lot of time with over 16 month?
I mean seriously, you have little life if you feel like taking this little bit of money while loosing someone you spend all this time with. There is a total disconnect here, literally, on a social level, if spending this time together, making the memories etc … doesn’t mean anything to preserve it. How shitty do you need to spend 16 month to feel it is worth this little bit of money?


this is what happens in Eve all the time. Just like real life. Besides his intention was to steal this stuff from day 1, he wasnt his friend he just had to make him believe he was to get what he wanted.

Mike BH

This is the kind of news that annihilate thousands of hours of CCP’s devs & marketers to recruit new players with easier mechanics and tutorials and community support.

In 5 minutes.

Every quarter.

For a decade.

Sean Drohan



As always, thanks EVE for being the roach motel of online gaming.


Just a few thoughts given what I’ve read below.

First to all of you who support Eve and on occasion defend it, hey, more power to you. We know that not all Eve players are scam artist. BUT, here is the dealio.

The permissiveness of allowing shitty tactics and scam game play like this is reaped in two ways. First, you become less trusting, more isolated and silo’ed. The social aspect of the game suffers to a degree. Second, and of much more importance, is the fact that other would be d-bags trying to make a name for themselves will follow suit.

The real sin, in this case, is that real online friendships have been compromised. Now, even if you aren’t close to the situation, you look at everyone with that jaundiced eye. You become more cynical, selfish, and suspicious. But what the hell, it is just a game right? Heh. You reap what you sow my friends; you reap what you sow.


the glorification of this type of behaviour by giving it any type of press coverage only encourages more of the same.

and people wonder why our society at large is going down the toilet, with human more interested in taking from others for themselves instead of helping their fellow man.

well? I present exhibit A: gaming press coverage of a sociopath being rewarded for his behavior.


EVE Online, the game of post truth throans. :(