Global Adventures fills its Kickstarter piggy bank, eyes September release


A spot of good news for those who wouldn’t mind taking a world-spanning vacation this fall: Global Adventures well exceeded its minuscule $170 Kickstarter goal in July, taking in a little under $1,500 from fans.

The game, which bills itself as “Diablo meets Borderlands,” is looking at some kind of release on Steam in September. It’s an action MMO that sends players all across the globe looking for treasure, fighting ninjas, and taking on increasingly ludicrous bosses.

“In Global Adventures, your life gets turned upside down after you join the adventurous Treasure Hunters’ Association (THA) and head out to explore the Mayan ruins,” the team said. “But what starts as a treasure hunt quickly turns into something more, as your expeditions reveal bits and pieces of information that could unravel the mysteries of history.”

Take a look at some of the classes after the break!

Source: Kickstarter
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It’s 2017. Can I have female characters that are wearing proper gear and look like they mean business?
If I want hypersexualized lolis I’ll go play Atelier games.


$170 on Kickstarter? I thought there was a bigger minimum than that. Why would anyone KS such a small amount? Please don’t say “to gauge interest”. You could find that out by feedback on Youtube or Reddit.

Somebody tell these guys about credit cards.

Mikka Hansen

borderlands meets diablo? consider me interested
checks videos
3 mins later

yeaaaaaaah….hard pass…..

Jack Kerras

Right?! They’re SO bad. I can’t… how would… why would I ever take my wallet out after watching that? D:

Jack Kerras

I remember this Kickstarter!

…it looked miserable. I have no idea how it got even the small amount of money it got.

I never hope that games will die, they’re almost always passion projects, but this one is just… I dunno. It hits a lot of clearly-wrong buttons for me. It’s obvious I didn’t invest in this Kickstarter, but… if any of you did, why?

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Different people have different buttons. Besides, Diablo meets Borderlands was almost enough for me to throw money at it in the hopes of it being good but it still looks like it needs a lot of work