Diablo III is testing item changes and no XP support for its next patch

Always the same.

Look, we realize that you can’t really test for abandoning Windows Vista and Windows XP support for Diablo III patch 2.6.1. But that change is coming for this patch, and it’s noted right at the start of the patch notes. The patch is also bringing a huge pile of new item changes, including changed drop rates, changed set effects, and changed abilities on individual items. If you have a spreadsheet for comparing the values of your various class armor sets, said spreadsheet will get more complicated on the test realm.

A few ability changes are also coming with the patch, most notably for the Necromancer, and players can purchase legendary set bags for Blood Shards on the test realm only. Further changes are possible and even likely, so more testing is probably a good idea; just make sure you’re not testing on a computer still running Windows XP.


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Said no one ever! :P


D’jank Miem
Players can exchange Blood Shards with this vendor for bags containing Legendary items

I might actually give that a whirl.


This is the pretty standard “power creep” patch that comes after a few seasons. Basically all the sets that aren’t regarded as crazy and some of their respective build items are all seeing massive boosts. A class like Berserker, often times regarded as one of the worst classes these days, saw massive boosts where as on the opposite end of the spectrum Wizard saw only a few off set items boosted while traditionally powerful sets (Magnum Opus, Tal Rashas, etc) saw no increases. While some of these numbers probably will get tweaked back if they show too strong hopefully it’ll mean more build diversity of what’s actually viable as you progres.


So I was really confused about how you could have Diablo with no experience points until I read the article and realized they meant Windows XP. >.>


They wouldn’t bother doing a No Exp mode anyway unless they charge money for it. Diablo 3 is pretty much on life support at this point.