Crowfall’s Q&A stream will address skill UI, race-class split, VIP accounts, and respecs


Crowfall, don’t y’all know that Friday is the unofficial industry day to slack off and stream MMOs instead of working, not Thursday? I’m kidding (or am I), at least about the slacking. In fact, Crowfall’s devs are planning to run quite a gauntlet of questions on today’s stream. Instead of just doing their traditional monthly Q&A video, the ArtCraft leads will stream it live instead, bloopers and all. They’re promising, specifically, to:

“Present the new Skills interface and walk through the revised user experience; outline the ‘ripple effect’ of the Race/Class split as it relates to Skill training; address concerns raised about non-VIP vs. VIP accounts; [and] introduce [their] plans for ‘catch-up’ and ‘re-spec’ mechanics.”

Watch along below; it all goes live at noon EDT.


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Pedge Jameson

Listen to everyone else in the background…having fun.
…oh no…………..


I don’t see a problem with having more benefits as VIP vs. non-VIP. It is subscription revenue that they’re banking on, and if the non-VIP has so much good viability that VIP is just ‘fluff’, they’re going to miss out. ArchAge did it with their housing for subscribers only (and doubled down with logged-off gain of labor); GW2’s F2P has no TP use and no access to HoT or Elites.

Call it what you will, but it’s a subscription service. Go with it, bank on it. This is what’s coming back to MMOs in a more welcome manner than micro transactions ever did.