Conan Exiles makes a bold appeal to builders: Just play in god-mode


Lest you think that Conan Exiles is just about crushing your enemies and all that, Funcom has a new dev diary out today elucidating the game’s building system. Pure builders should skip the PvP servers, the studio says, and slip into single-player god mode or on a server with super-fast harvesting and crafting speed to focus on creating your very own Sim City in Hyboria.

Players of other sandboxes probably already know the drill: You don’t have to just plunk down prefab stuff and can instead build from the ground up using smaller building blocks. “To build truly creative structures it can be important to use a lot of different building pieces and placeables,” cautions Funcom. “Based on feedback from the community we are making additional building pieces with new shapes so you can make even more creative buildings.”

“You can build almost anything you want in Conan Exiles. If you have the time and patience you can even fill out most of the map with all kinds of buildings, castles and cities. Build a sprawling metropolis filled with thralls dancing in the streets, hammering away at their anvils or standing guard. Or perhaps you want to build a humongous castle, filled with all sorts of rooms and dungeons and even labyrinths.”

In other Conan Exiles news, Funcom teased a new bug-fixing patch for next week and apologized to Chinese players for its recent server snafu, noting that it’s now set up stable servers in the region, several of which are accessible in China proper and should have better ping. It’s also hyped a player post on Reddit that attempts to recreate superheroes inside the game. Earlier this week, the studio promised better communication¬†from the game’s devs in general.

Superheroes in Conan Exiles

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