Villagers & Heroes’ Starfall expansion launches today


Villagers & Heroes’ Starfall expansion officially launches today – a week earlier than originally planned. Who does that?! Mad Otter Games, that’s who. Indeed, the studio has declared it the biggest update ever for the cutesy sandpark MMO, and to top it all off? It’s free.

As we’ve previously reported, the expansion includes a reworked loot system, revamped talents, four new high-level zones, a level cap increase to 90, more character creation options, retooled crafting, tweaks to the UI, and more.

Cross-platform fans need also know that the game has an Android version already playable and an iOS version on the way later this fall, in addition to the existing Windows client and Steam edition. We’ve rounded up all our Starfall coverage, plus the expansion trailer, down below!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Castagere Shaikura

I played this and it was fun with probably one of the best communities too. This update looks like a major overhaul of the game. I hope it turns out well for them and maybe MOP could do a play through with MJ.

Melissa McDonald

It’s actually a pretty good game. A real, actual MMO with the standard trimmings, all on your mobile device. I sort of wish for a Cast feature though, because I might actually enjoy it on a bigger screen too.


I played this a wee bit way back when and it was fun, quirky and graphically passible. Maybe I should give it another look.