Check out Villagers and Heroes’ Starfall revamp trailer


We’ve been keeping an eye on Villagers and Heroes all summer as it’s been prepping its 4.0 update. Dubbed Starfall, the update is a huge overhaul patch, with new talent trees, new feets, new zones, revamped crafting and loot, and a level cap bump. Today, Starfall has a brand-new trailer recapping all of the updates features, including a few we haven’t covered previously: story-driven quest content, the removal of repair costs, and the new map.

“Starfall is the biggest and most ambitious expansion to hit the cross-platform MMORPG,” writes Mad Otter Games. “Starfall will be a free expansion for Villagers and Heroes coming soon to PC & Android devices later this year.”

Most recently, the game was involved in a cheeky faux-feud with RuneScape, as developers behind both games have been vying to claim the title of “first-ever cross-platform MMO” in the west (a feat already accomplished by at least seven other MMOs we can think of).

The trailer’s down below, and the studio is also hosting a livestream demoing the content at 5 p.m. EDT tonight on Twitch.

Source: Press release
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