WildStar briefs players on October plans, including new primal difficulties and Shade’s Eve


Attention, cupcakes and other sweet confections: WildStar has plans for October. You could probably guess that Shade’s Eve would return again, of course, because it’s time for all the Halloween events to return; you probably could also have guessed about new fortunes and new macabre offerings in the game’s store. Those are all welcome, but they’re probably not going to surprise veteran players, and even new players have probably guessed that these things will happen.

On the other hand, the upcoming patch 1.7.4 and the new Primal difficulties for Protogames Academy, Infestation, and Space Madness? Those might be more surprising to you. And they’re coming, yes indeed, with the game’s test server already primed to receive some testing goodness for exactly this content. Check out the full dispatch for all of the stuff that’s landing in October, and get ready to clear away some time when the Shade’s Eve event returns on October 20th.


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I saw the header screenshot before reading the article title and for the first time I mistook Wildstar for WoW. .. That’s all I have. I don’t have any particular thoughts about Shade’s Eve. :x


Wildstar, my game of choice up until a month or two ago, got totally curb-stomped by GW2.

However, I expect to get back to Wildstar, eventually. I find it to be generally more solo-friendly and more alt-friendly than the rather “ordeal-iferous” GW2. If only Wildstar weren’t so relentlessly silly….