Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming transmutation will let you bend gear to your will

It makes a certain logical sense that an MMO content expansion that deals with clockwork miracles would be the perfect time to introduce a new system in which crafters can tinker with gear to their heart’s delight.

Elder Scrolls Online is getting ready to debut its transmutation system with the Clockwork City DLC later this month, but players can begin to wrap their heads around its mechanics right now. Essentially, the system allows players to swap out a useless trait on a piece of armor or a weapon for one that is more desirable.

There’s a price to be paid for such mad science… but it’s a pretty reasonable one. Transmuters will need access to a station, have researched the desired trait in question, and have enough special traits to feed into the machine, Chuck E. Cheese-style.

Transmutation crystals come from a variety of activities, such as going through the LFG queue, finishing a trial weekly quest, fighting in arenas, and downing dungeon bosses. Transmuted items are bound to account, so while you can make them for your alts, your friends are going to sit out in the cold on this one.

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Would rather have a system for applying any known appearance style to a piece of gear.


If I remember correctly, this feature is coming soon…

Dragon Whimsy

I still have a token coin from Chuck E Cheese laying around somewhere. It’s gotta be 25-30 years old at least.


Although i do like the RNG-ness of obtaining a gear piece with all applicable traits, this will definitely help the min-maxers get that extra push when it comes to challenging content.

Kickstarter Donor

Kudos to you Justin for finding a cool way to mention Chuck E. Cheese in a MMO article. :P