ArcheAge’s Maesltrom update adds PvP content and open-world raid tool December 6

ArcheAge fans! Trion has a doozy of a patch coming your way next month. Releasing December 6th, the 4.0 update is called Maelstrom and is dropping some nice new mechanics and PvP content.

“As revealed earlier this year, ArcheAge: Maelstrom brings players into Bloodsalt Bay, a new 20-player battleground and the game’s first PvP naval arena. Guide your ship’s crew of five into the waters of Bloodsalt Bay to face-off against monsters and terrors of the deep – all the while, three other crews fight to claim victory and earn the spoils of battle for themselves. Sow the seeds of fear at the very mention of your name in all-new cross-server arenas! Earn bounty galore as the reward for dominion over the seas.”

Trion is also touting a new open-world raid finder tool and a big revamp for the Lunagem system.

“The Lunagem system has been greatly improved and simplified as well, reducing random chance when improving gear through adding gems. The process of obtaining desired gem types has also been streamlined, making for a more progress-focused gem experience. Crafting will see key improvements as well, as a new crafting quest line teaches less experienced players several ways to dive into the crafting system. A new crafting interface will also let players discover the range of items they can create and allows for easier searching.”

Source: Press release


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Whenever I read articles like this, I sip on a cup of soothing chamomile tea and think about the infinite Earth in which Trion an Gazilion are praised for their transparent communication and ethical business practices.



Chantal Peykulia

i still remember when many Trion Dogs say this game wasnt pay2win, same for Black Desert, same for Revelation Online, etc.


They still nickeling and diming people to damn death? I really liked this game but between the RMT and the rest system I burned out.

Kickstarter Donor

Does anyone still play this? (serious question)
Wondering what it is like these days, anyone have any feedback of its current state?

Shiro Madoushi

I still play, but I’m not as active as I once was. The game is in a really bad place now.

Most servers are dominated by p2w whales who are able to consolidate into one big invite only nation. This allows them to dominate the public factions and take all of the content without any of the negatives/penalties of the pirate faction. Trion has not commented on this at all despite constant outcry from the community.

More and more blatant p2w items keep creeping into the cash shop.

The population is in a constant decline with little sign of slowing.

Gear disparity is at the point where those that have the best gear can just one-hit anyone in average gear or lower.

The “expansions” (big updates) keep getting smaller and smaller. The upcoming 4.0 update could be considered a minor patch for most mmos.

Trion seems to have reduced the amount of resources allocated to the game. You can see it in the lack of advertising and support.

Toy Clown

I tried it again a few months ago and only paid one month sub before I walked away. The playerbase is a bit harsh to new / returning players and new people rarely get help. It’s especially made worse because there’s not a lot of up-to-date information out there. It was simple enough to get a house and start farming, but what playerbase is left only does the dailies and events if there’s any going on. Trolls still exist, people shit-talking still exists, faction chats were off more than they were on and it was difficult to find a guild with a mature playerbase as well. In other words, there really wasn’t much of a community for me to enjoy.

I know AA is working to normalize gear and make it easier for new / returning players to catch up. It’s why I went back to check it out, but I really prefer friendlier communities, and just moved on from it once again.