Villagers & Heroes is coming to iOS ‘soon’


2011 MMORPG Villagers and Heroes has had a strong last 12 months. It launched on Android, rolled out a massive revamped called Starfall, tussled with RuneScape over the crossplatforminess title, and now? It’s finally rolling out to iOS, so you Appleheads can join in on the fun. Mad Otter previously said the release would happen this fall. Here’s today’s PR:

“Free-to-Play MMORPG Villagers & Heroes will be soon coming to iOS devices following the release of the latest expansion Starfall. Villagers & Heroes on iOS promises the same level of content, intuitive controls and in-depth MMORPG experience as Android and PC players experience with everything MMO fans love. […] More details on the iOS version and the coveted release date will be coming soon.”

So, when? “Soon.”

Source: Press release

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It’s a amazing game, I love all the aspects of it, you really feel the villager role gathering, but also the hero role in questing and combat. My only suggestion is that it gets made a little more performance friendly, the game plays fairly well but every so often I get random lag spikes that last for a few minutes, yet other games I play aren’t effected. I know this phone doesn’t perform the best but I would love to see more people be able to enjoy this game, which will benefit villages and revenue for you guys.
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Melissa McDonald

Sooner than you think. There are compilers that are quite adept at churning out either iOS or Android versions with only small modifications.

Chosenxeno .

This is a decent little game. Just started it 9 days ago(after I said I despised crafting in a Article massively put up lol). It’s literally have Crafting Half PVE. The crafting is pretty fun. The PVE is Par for the course.