The Daily Grind: Where do you stand on WoW’s proposed new PvP system?

Buried in the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth reveals earlier this month was the huge PvP news that eventually, PvP servers, like the dying one I’ve been stuck on for half of forever, will be quietly converted into PvE servers. Instead of being constantly subjected to lowbie ganking while out questing in the world, PvP server players will join PvE players in taking part in what is akin to the Star Wars Galaxies-esque TEF system, only stricter. As you leave a major city, you’ll flag PvE or PvP, and that’s that. Flag for PvP and you’ll get a chance at things like extra rewards and faster reputation. The details are still up in the air, but as Blizzard Watch’s Ted Atchley points out, the rewards will have to be pretty sweet to entice most players to paint a target on their backs.

I’m not all that sad; PvP on PvP servers was basically pointless ganking for jack-all rewards, but there was just no way to convince a dozen friends to pay to move their entire stables elsewhere, so we soldiered on and put up with the random ganks on our leveling alts. I can still see taking the risk of being ganked if the rewards are huge, and the move will allow Blizzard to continue condensing its server groups too.

Where do you stand on WoW’s proposed new PvP system?

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Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

On the one hand, I’m sad since I always loved being on PvP servers and getting my fans to embrace PvP. On the other, when I wasn’t online or they were in a hurry, some of them would get so mad about PvP it wasn’t fun for anyone. Blizz’s solution almost further turns the world of Warcraft into more of a lobby, but that’s the way the genre feels like it’s going these days, and if it means we need our worlds to be more like graphical chatrooms we can pop in and out of to increase socialization, I’ll get behind it.


I am a little worried about the pvp bonuses, because the way the game works now is that each day you have a finite source of Reputation, AP (azerite as the new system), etc.

So for example, there will be 5-6 world quests of a specific faction up each day. If you do them pve will get x and if you do as pvp you ll get x + y% .. that mean that a pvp player will be exalted in 1 week, and a pve player in 1,5 week (example)… is not like the pve player can play longer and get more rep… the rep source is finite each day.

That may create the feeling of “forced” to open pvp if you want to progress faster. This may be ok for current pvp servers, cause they give an option to players who are there because of friends and dont like pvp, to play as pve with some lose. But on already pve servers, it will create a pointless dilemma…

So I hope the bonuses for pvp are not upon things that the source of them is finite each day… let it be like, more chance for craft material from mobs, so pve can just farm longer… but everything rewarded through dailies/weeklies should not have bonuses.


As I play exclusively on PVE servers and wouldn’t touch a PVP one with a bargepole, this won’t affect me in the slightest. I intend to keep the PVP flag firmly off and never engage in any PVP outside of battlegrounds.

Saying that, I’m all in favour of it. Over the years, there have been quite a few games – Archeage, I’m looking at you here – that I’ve avoided like the plague because they’ve been PVP only. Add a PVE option and I’d have played them but PVP only gets a big fat no from me.

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I miss the old vanilla Bloodscalp PvP server. Back 13 years ago (dear lord), open PvP was a huge community activity. Guilds would get together and go raid random enemy towns, holding them for a half hour or so until the global defense channel on the other faction was used to coordinate a response that pushed them out. Then there would normally be a running battle for a while until one side withdrew to regroup. It was a lot of fun.

Having been on both sides, it didn’t feel like I was getting ganked or was ganking people. It felt like realistic risks of being in a world at war. It made the world more exciting and dangerous and dynamic. And since there was always a rapid response to incursions, it never resulted in anyone getting locked out of a quest hub for an extended period. It’s important to remember that back in the first few months of WoW, there was a huge level spread. Very few level 60s, lots of 20s – 40s. So people of all levels could participate as long as you had a couple high level folks to keep the opposing high levels busy.

These days it seems like the environment has changed dramatically. If you’re a low level character getting ganked in Lakeshire again and again, no guild is going to see that in global defense channel and get excited about coming to your rescue. It’s just not a community activity any more. Now that they’ve added arenas and battlegrounds and raids and all the rest, people don’t keep to the old traditions. Given that, it seems like PvP servers are less like exciting, cohesive open worlds…and more like places people go to harass low level characters. So there’s probably no reason to keep them any longer.

But I’m still sad about that, because of fond memories of a past time when PvP servers were different places.


I’m with you. World PvP has been dead for a long time in WoW. If you really want that large, epic-style PvP there are better MMORPGs for that. But I have a ton of fond memories of Tarren Mill vs. Southshore zergs battling back and forth and carrying out small raids on Alliance towns. There’s really no benefit to forced PvP in WoW anymore with all the rewards being dished out for battlegrounds/arenas.

This is definitely the right move for WoW. I’m more sad from a nostalgia perspective than anything.

Brix50 .

Bloodscalp haha I started on that server Dec 04. I was in a guild called Scorched Earth-Horde.
I was such a noob I didn’t even know what pvp-pve was.

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The only complaint I have about this change is that they did not do it sooner.

Dread Quixadhal

Maybe instead of taking the quick and easy route, they should actually try implementing the dishonor system, as describe in the original printed manual for World of Warcraft on page 134, printed in 2004?

This would have made griefing and ganking costly, as anyone doing it more than once in a while would become KOS to every NPC in the game, making it hard to sell loot, buy potions/food/etc, or pretty much do anything else.

Robert Mann

Simply put, there’s not enough demand for open world PvP as it is currently designed outside from those who are intending to make others suffer (gankers/griefers.)

Since allowing those people to have their way turns a server dead (they leave once no ‘soft targets’ are around anyway,) there’s obviously not that much demand for that in most MMOs. So why bother paying costs for something that isn’t being used?

That said, I do think open world PvP with a better setup could be something people enjoyed. The thing that I think would make that best would be something akin to an ESO style of progression in taking things over… but far slower. That’s my personal opinion though, taking a castle should be a matter of longer term effort and importance to me.

Sally Bowls

Maybe it will address a recent problem.

As you know from reading this site, it is required by the laws of God and Man to group while in an MMO. :-) The dailies did go much quicker if you used an addon so that when you got to a new area, press a button and you were grouped with others which sometimes put you in a new instance and occasionally those were PvP.

Regardless, anything to reduce the impact of OW ganking on the real game is a good thing. IMO, almost all (but not all) really competitive people are playing BGs & Arenas and fair/balanced/esport games which are about skill not gear and level.

Dug From The Earth

World PvP for me when I did it, consisted of 2 things:

1. Consensual battles between players who were all looking to participate in random bouts of pvp as they played through each zone.

2. Lowbie ganking (ive both done, and been a victim of this)

2.5 (i know, i said 2… ). Rallying with others to hunt down players who were gankings lowbies in your faction. ( i view this more of an extension of #1 though, because often times people would lowbie gank in order to draw attention to get proper battles going)

By far, #1 is the most fun for me and the reason behind why I played on a pvp server. #2 was more of a boredom thing, that was fun for maybe 20 minutes, and then just became meh.

Im fine with a system that limits/lowers the amount of lowbie ganking, especially if it provides more of a way for more entertaining battles to happen (like i described in #1). It sounds like this is the direction Blizzard is trying to push things, but its uncertain if this new system will be able to deliver on it.

I worry about having world pvp incentives, because if done wrong, many players wont pvp because they love pvp, they will simply endure it to get the rewards. You see many of these types in BGs and arenas, who put forth minimal play effort, and just endure game after game, knowing that eventually they will have enough “currency” to get the rewards they want.

Nathan Aldana

My only concern is if this attracts pvpers to rp servers since they have a nasty habit of griefing RP just for lulz.

Otherwise I couldnt give two shits about pvp.