Gloria Victis expands its map and adds some hidden treasures

There is no 'enough.'

There’s even more land in Gloria Victis now, enough space that everyone has all the reason in the world to spread out and never come into conflict at all. But all that new land brings with it six new settlements to capture including two massive castles, because the fact that there can be peace in no way indicates that there will. So realistically, more land just means more stuff to fight over. If you look closely and have a certain degree of cynicism about human nature, there’s a lesson there.

If you’re not interested in that side of things, though, perhaps you’ll get a kick out of searching for various hidden treasures scattered throughout the map. The more you loot, the better stuff you get, leading you on a merry chase across the world to find all of these secret caches wherever they may be tucked. Of course, that might be a problem if some of those treasures are tucked in hostile territory… so maybe there’s a good reason to fight over that new land after all.

Source: Steam page

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I’ve been following the steady march of progress this game has been making, popping in now and again, and the game has really come a long way. Yes, it’s been slow progress, but the team, to my knowledge, is rather small.

I remember when you could barely hit an enemy due to desync, and how stiff the animations were before. Now, both are much improved. The game obviously still has a long way to go, but I look forward to seeing where it ends up.