Shroud of the Avatar prepares for the arrival of Release 49

We'll be fine, yes, just fine.

December is a time for sitting with friends and family, toasting to the new year, and most importantly, not doing any actual work. Thus, the developers behind Shroud of the Avatar are heading home early this month, and that means you get the next major patch of the game earlier than usual. But it’s still an update filled with polish, as it’s focused on exactly that in anticipation for launch. Higher frame rates, better optimization, and UI improvements for everyone!

The update also includes polish to the game’s main storyline and improvements to the game’s NPC behaviors, so enemies and helpful NPCs alike should behave more intelligently in this patch. Check out the full patch notes to see everything that’s changing in the latest release, and enjoy a more polished version of the game as you play over the holidays. (If you weren’t planning on playing over the holidays… well, you can still enjoy it, in theory.)

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