World of Warcraft’s patch 7.3.5 abolishes expansion-specific flight skill requirements today

Since the ability to fly was added in the first expansion to World of Warcraft, there’s always been the question among players about when we get to fly in every new zone. For several years, the answer was simply “when you’re high-enough level to purchase the flying skill.” Want to fly in Northrend? There’s a skill for that. Pandaria? Ditto. But the advent of zone scaling means that these skills and the associated hassle have vanished. Now, when you learn how to fly, you can just… fly. No Cold-Weather Flying or the like to worry about!

These changes only apply to areas that had specific trained skills needed to unlock flight; you still need to clear the Pathfinder achievements for Draenor and the Broken Isles. (Those achievements are account-wide, however, so only one character needs to clear them.) Still, it should make it much easier to just level and fly about without needing to stop and buy a new expansion-specific flight skill, especially when the expansions aren’t gated by levels in the same manner they used to be.

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Rolan Storm

Good. Hated that about the game. It was like ‘what? why? grrrrr…’

Ben Stone

I was excited until I read the part that it didn’t include Draenor. I still can’t be bothered finishing that.

Bruno Brito

And for everyone who twinks:



Good news. I only played enough to get the first horse but somehow have a purple gryphon in my collection, so it’ll be nice to just start flying when I’m able to.


Huh, interesting. Last I played was I think the beginning of Warlords of Draenor. I got my main to level 100, got bored, quit and haven’t been back. I’d have to probably start over just to re-learn the game, though. So much has changed.

Humble DG

In typical WoW fashion, this is like years too late. I feel we’re so past the low level alt phase now. My last alt was to see the Cata changes, but again, that was years ago. This is not very exciting.

Songs for Children

(Probably) millions of people still play, so this change is bound to be a boon for some people.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

This is great for new players or players leveling alts. Since all mine are past Pandaria and on to Draenor, it has no effect on me. Since I have a two seater, I’ve always just flown the alts on one account with the alts on another.

Bryan Turner

Well this patch has got me pretty excited, ESO is fun and all but it’s B2P so it isn’t going any where anytime soon, might actually get one of my DK Alts past the low 60s now that I no longer have to deal with Outland.


Now to figure out what esoteric requirements will be in place to earn flying in the two new upcoming “continents” rather.

Perhaps some weekly quest rewarding us with a crate that may or may not contain a flying licen–no, let’s not give them ideas…