Warframe is disabling trials (raids) for system-wide revamp

Not a day has gone by this week that we haven’t had some big Warframe news, so let’s make it four in a row: Digital Extremes has announced that as it’s previously discussed, it’s temporarily disabling trials – raids – while it repurposes them “to make the game mode accessible for lower-level players while also preparing them for this end-game content as they continue to progress.”

Don’t panic, however. DE says trial rewards will be moved to the teralysts of Plains of Eidolon. Moreover, DE says, “This is NOT the end to Trials,” just a symptom. “The upkeep of the Trials in a world where so many bigger plans are in motion are taking much needed brainpower and time.” If you’ve ever trialed in the past, you’re getting a reward too.

“As a warm thank you for your almost 2+ year commitment to Trials, everyone who has participated up to its temporary closure will receive a fancy new version of the Sevati Sekhara Badge[name TBD] – one separate from the Sekhara you already receive upon completing LoR. We hope you wear this proudly, knowing you are inevitably helping shape and change Warframe.”

Earlier this week, we posted up DE’s plans to launch Shrine of the Eidolon (tomorrow, presumably), which not only injects new content into the game but slaps a major balancing patch on ‘frames themselves and revamps weapons to boot.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Zen Dadaist and CapnLan!
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It may be premature to be beating the dead horse, as the horse may not be completely dieded yet. The raids in this game had a lot of problems… more problems than its pvp systems. First, its rewarding system breaks the convention of the game where frame cosmetic parts are not tied to power. Secondly, it’s the only part of the game which access is so hidden, that a new player would not find the entrance to raids unless someone else tells them; the game certainly doesn’t do it.


“The upkeep of the Trials in a world where so many bigger plans are in motion are taking much needed brainpower and time.”

So, I guess the feature was drawing too few players for the amount of effort that went in creating those Trials. Blizzard said something of the kind before creating LFR.


Lots of change happening in Warframe. I may have to poke my nose in once all the dust settles, but right now it seems pretty volatile over there.

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Alex Willis

This is good news, even for MR12-ish players like myself who have been intimidated to get into Trials.