Exclusive: Explore Bless Online’s Hieron races, including elves and werewolves


Most western MMORPG gamers know about Bless Online’s mechanics and visuals thanks to years of watching the game developed from afar. What hasn’t crossed the ocean and language barrier as easily is the lore, which is something Neowiz is helping to rectify today! The studio has granted us an exclusive dev blog covering this half of the playable races in the MMO – specifically, the Hieron, whom we’ve already discovered is the gloomier of the pair. Read on for the details and new images, then stay tuned for the launch of the official website next week and the eventual early access release!


Hieron is one of two warring factions in the world of Bless Online. After the dark ages and the Holy War, human, elf and lupus heroes formed a pact and together succeeded in driving the barbarian tribes from their lands. With victory achieved under the human Eiger the Great, and the foundation of the Habichts Empire, the Hieron Sacred Alliance between humans, elves, Mascu and Lupus was brought into being.

Hieron has ruled the Northern continent for hundreds of years, strengthened by the alliance of its people and their dedication to protecting the realm from the onslaught of invading barbarian forces. The four unified races under Hieron believe that in order to maintain the peace and stability achieved through the Holy War of the Dark Ages, they must unify the whole continent. To make this a reality, the races are actively cooperating with the Holy Empire, which has taken on the central role of being the northern continent’s leader, in the war against the upstart Union races.


The Habichts are a sect of humanity, based in the northern continent of Bless Online. They are strong-willed, loyal to the Hieron empire, and act as the leaders of the other Hieron races in their goal to unify the world under the Holy Empire. They are a large, hardy folk, tempered by the cold and wild nature of the north. Habichts begin their life in Bless Online in the northern Eltern Village, where they must constantly be wary of an invading orc presence.

Available Classes: Guardian, Berserker, Ranger, Mage, Paladin

Sylvan Elves

The Sylvan Elves are descendants of the ancient Millennial Kingdom, born of the forest and wise as the trees that inhabit it. They are the guardians knowledge and traditions of the old ways. The Sylvan Elves begin the game in El Gradis, the Sylvan Elves’ capital, where they struggled to protect the dying Tree of Life.

Available Classes: Guardian, Ranger, Mage, Paladin


The Lupus are strong and agile forest hunters, and one of the oldest races in the world. Wolf-like in appearance, they are also honorable warriors who value loyalty, discipline, and obedience – all qualities inherent in the Hieron Empire. The Lupus value and love nature, though they have been known to go feral when their ancient wild nature is lured out by attackers or dark magics. The Lupus begin their lives in Ahanu Village, where players must undertake a coming of age ceremony as ancient as the race itself.

Available Classes: Guardian, Berserker, Ranger


The only “non-partisan” of Bless Online’s seven races, the Mascu are a diminutive race from a far away continent, who wake to find themselves fleeing their homeland and on their way to either the Hieron Empire or the lands of the Union. Over time, some Mascu became members of the Hieron, where they oversee trade and technology for the Holy Empire.

Available Classes: Guardian, Berserker, Ranger, Mage, Paladin

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