Here’s how Star Citizen’s character customizer is coming along


Sea of Thieves’ character customization got you down? Star Citizen won’t be making that mistake. This week’s Around the Verse details the game’s roadmap for the character customizer arriving with the 3.1 alpha – and yes, tweaking your dudes and dudettes is going to be a game in itself.

“The character customizer being introduced in Alpha 3.1 is being polished by several teams working to fine-tune this highly anticipated feature,” says CIG’s Eric Kieron Davis. “The gameplay feature team is tweaking the options for eye and skin color as well as the way they’re presented within the customizer. We want to make sure the interface is intuitive and responsive as possible and the UI team continues to make adjustments to the customizer to ensure that. The character customizer is one of the most exciting new features coming online with Alpha 3.1, as it will allow citizens to begin their journey, creating an avatar that can fully represent them within the Star Citizen universe.”

The episode also touches on moon development, character models, legacy armor, shops, and the distress call system before diving into a segment on the game’s sound. Do note that Chris Roberts emphasized that parts of the studio are moving on to alpha 3.2 planning as alpha 3.1 wraps up and continues to expand to more tester groups on the PTU.

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