EVE Online prepares major conversion of player outposts and conquerable stations

Sure, explosions are great, but have you ever looked at graphs.
As Brendan detailed in his EVE Fanfest coverage last month, EVE Online’s structures are due for a huge overhaul, be they NPC fortification or player-built. CCP has a dev blog up right now detailing exactly what to expect as both player-deployed Outposts and Conquerable Stations are ripped down and converted to the new Upwell Structure system.

“Every single Outpost and Conquerable Station will be converted into an upgraded Faction Fortizar during downtime on June 5th 2018,” CCP explains. “These Faction Fortizars are powerful and limited edition – no more will be added.” And no blueprints will be created for them, either! “New Faction Citadels will belong to the last owner of the Outpost/Conquerable Station at the time of the change. Once Outposts and Conquerables are converted into Faction Citadels they will enter a temporary invulnerable mode. On June 7th structures will enter their standard shield vulnerable state.”

Eager to preserve history, CCP also says that “permanent historic monuments will be erected on the sites of the Conquerable Stations and a select few of the especially storied Outposts.”

Ah, EVE Online, the only MMO in which you’ll ever find anything called “the Outpost Replacement event” that has players genuinely excited.

Meanwhile, as part of ongoing 15th anniversary festivities, CCP has brought back a bunch of old hulls for 390 PLEX apiece, plus a new structure firework dubbed Capsuleer Dawn. Everything’s up until May 15th, so you’ve got a little time still to go.

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