Survival MMORPG Next Day Survival has launched on Steam


Conan Exiles isn’t the only survival game that knows how to leave early access and actually launch! Next Day: Survival has done the same thing as of today.

We first peeked at the game last summer, when it hit early access touting its storyline, questing, “sophisticated crafting system,” car restoration system, reputation, factions, and multiple game modes, including pure PvE and a single-player mode.

“The action of the MMORPG survival Next Day takes place on a fictional post-Soviet territory, mostly covered in toxic smog. Your main goal is to survive, level up your character, interact with the world, other player and non-player characters. Along the game, your character earns reputation, which ultimately enables it to join various survivors’ factions, each of which has their pros and cons.”

Worth noting is that it’s a buy-to-play title, but it’s normally only 10 bucks, marked down to $8.49 for launch week right now. (It’s been cheaper: back in September, when it was supposed to hit its final launch but didn’t.)

Developer SOFF Games says for today’s final release, it’s fixed over 1000 bugs and added four new locations, 46 new pieces of gear, 22 new NPCs and animals, and 21 new quests with more on the way. The studio further promises that development will continue, with both bug patches and content updates.

Source: Steam, press release
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and multiple game modes, including pure PvE

Hey! Alright!

I wonder how many people who complain that survival games are all gank boxes will end up playing this!?!


Szymon Kowalski

Those that are interested in this game?

Nadine Blot

I didn’t know this so will be trying it out now

John Mclain

Likely a hell of a lot of people actually.


That fact alone has me looking into it :P


Nice bait. Sandboxes like Conan Exiles, ARK, and 7 Days to Die have PvE options and are some of the most successful ones.