Bless Online is rolling out a big update on July 4

Sure, why not, who cares.

Whether you’re having a lot of fun with Bless Online or wondering if its port is something of a curse, you probably would not object to the game having more endgame content. The latest producer’s letter confirms that a big chunk of endgame content is heading to the game on July 4th with the next major patch, rolling out new Royal Quests for players to take on every day. Royal Quests can award players with better-than-usual items including rare mounts and pets, so you’ll want to be sure to pick up all 15 available quests every day.

The patch will also bring in a new dungeon meant for a full group of level 45 players, Basel Gorge. Adventurers will take on new bosses like Murderous Rover Sykeeli while assaulting enemy bases and taking down enemy soldiers. That’s in addition to market improvements and UI enhancements, all of which should give players plenty more to do in the game at the top end of leveling. Luckily, there’s nothing else happening on July 4th, so it’s well-timed.

Source: Steam
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