Richard Garriott rejects idea that Shroud of the Avatar is a ‘flop’, says the game will run ‘forever’


Shroud of the Avatar has long been an odd bird in the MMORPG crowdfunding space. Driven by the eccentric Richard Garriott, it raised large sums of money and managed to be one of the first nostalgia-driven MMOs to make it from Kickstarter to launch – several times, we’ll note. And yet today, Eurogamer went so far as to call the game an apparent flop, citing its low Steam numbers and the layoffs we covered a few weeks ago.

Garriott has rejected the idea that the game is “on the ropes.” To Eurogamer, he reiterated Portalarium’s party line that the majority of players play off Steam and that the playerbase is “in the many thousands but not in the many tens of thousands of monthly active users at the moment.” He also rebuts the claim that half the team was let go, stating that the company went from more than 20 to a “little under” that now, not counting contractors.

So what the heck is going on over there? Garriott says Portalarium has struggled with marketing, spending on publicity that didn’t materialize; the company is “trialing new marketing internally” to try to tap into the “millions” of Ultima fans who still don’t know his new game exists.

And even if that doesn’t work, Garriott isn’t giving up. “We have total confidence we’ll go through all five episodes, come hell or high water,” he says, suggesting he’ll keep the game running “forever” and that SOTA will “keep [him] busy for another year or two for sure.”

Still concerned? Here’s a palate cleanser; MOP reader Kabalyero sent this video of a player emerging victorious from the game’s Obsidian Trial.

We explored the game last night as well:

Source: Eurogamer, Twitter. Thanks, Kabalyero!
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