Ubisoft believes The Crew 2 is performing as well as The Crew – ‘its digital performance is outperforming’


The Crew 2 might be struggling to garner praise on Steam, where its beta ratings were poor and its post-launch reviews are merely mixed, but Ubisoft is projecting contentedness with it all the same.

“Its activity is trending in line with The Crew 1, which had benefited from a Christmas launch. Its digital performance is outperforming,” the company CFO said during Ubisoft’s investor conference call yesterday, as quoted by GIbiz. “What we can say is the game is performing in line with the activity of the prior one. It’s really on par from where we stood with the prior one. We know also the prior one had a kind of slow start and started to pick up as we built up more content and activity in the game. So if we do that, I think there would still be significant part of the sales of that game in the next three quarters” – that’s because the first Crew game had a second year almost as strong as its first.

Overall, Ubisoft reported earnings far outperforming expectations, at $444.8 million net bookings, leading to a record first quarter, with the rest of 2018 projected to look sweet indeed thanks to the new Assassin’s Creed title and The Division 2.

And speaking of The Division 2, if you’re into the franchise, check out this piece on Kotaku, which explains how you can play the first game to unlock future loot in the second.

Source: GIbiz

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Rheem Octuris

I tried it and didn’t care for it. The controls (I used a gamepad) felt sluggish and going around corners while braking and such were extremely difficult, however the AI opponents had no such issues making it near impossible to beat any of the missions.

On top of that it always felt like I was racing vs AI and only AI, no other players in the races and that made me feel like I wasn’t actually playing an MMO.

I really wanted to like this but it just frustrated me and felt like I was playing a single player game.

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I will get round to buying this eventually I expect but I have too much on my plate already so there is no point buying it now only to have it sit unplayed. Its nice to have things to look forward to even while you are still enjoying what you have in from of you right now.

Patreon Donor

some people on reddit really want to hate this game for not being your typical modern online racing sim but really the draw of it isn’t where it tries and fails to emulate your typical racing game but where it rather gives an enjoyable open world experience that is hard to find on the scale of this franchise.

too bad the tutorial for the first one was so heavy handed and over long. i would’ve loved to do a cross country road trip with friends. QQ